Social Science and Business

This book introduces readers to the key principles of theorizing, designing, and managing organizations. Key concepts are taken from economics, institutionalism, and evolutionary theory to explain the relationship between organizations, their members, and the broader society in which organizations operate. You may order this book here:

Creative activity typically takes place within a broader environment. This volume includes both conceptual and empirical studies on industries, firms, clusters, and projects as the organizational context in which the creative process evolves and produces consequences for economic and social development. You may order this book here:

Business networking is considered a vital strategy for survival in volatile markets. This volume addresses the opportunities and limitations of institutional interventions that are designed to promote business networks, with a special view to regional economic development. You may order this book here:

This book discusses two types of entrepreneurs, with reference to their role in economic and social development. As demons, entrepreneurs are perceived as a destructive element in society, leading to economic exploitation and social marginalization. As creators, they are seen as an innovative factor in economic activity, contributing to economic revitalization and new development. You may order this book here:

The essays in this collection propose an ecological and population perspective on organizations and industries. Among other things, population thinking highlights the role of chance in the development of organizations, with special reference to the boundaries within which generalizations can be made about individual behavior in and of organizations.

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The papers in this collection examine a range of issues regarding the changing social structure of advanced capitalist societies. These include developments in the modern business enterprise, interest representation, and the organization of the workplace.

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In this book, I discuss the developmental features of the trade association population in the United States. I take a corporatist perspective, to explain how the political process shapes and is shaped by the structural properties of business interest organizations.

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